LHM Lenten Devotion – March 17, 2014 “They Trusted and He Delivered”


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By Reverend Wayne Palmer

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“They Trusted and He Delivered”

March 17, 2014

Lenten devo cover 2014Read Psalm 105.
TEXT: In You our fathers trusted; they trusted, and You delivered them (Psalm 22:4).

In the midst of incredible injustice and suffering horribly for sins He never committed, Jesus acknowledges the holiness of God His Father and the justice of His verdict. Jesus knows it is only through His sufferings that God can forgive our sins and our rebellion. Jesus willingly took this burden on Himself so that through His suffering God’s holiness could be satisfied, that in His love and mercy He could save unworthy sinners like us.

Now, beset with the pangs of hell Jesus recalls His Father’s faithfulness. Throughout the Old Testament, God’s people Israel found themselves in dire situations. They knew they could not put their trust in their own strength, nor in their friends, nor in their possessions, nor in their military might-only God could save them. Only He could deliver them. They cried out to Him day and night, trusting in His deliverance, and God came through for them time and time again.

Jesus seeks that deliverance too. He yearns for God’s wrath to be spent, His rage stilled, for the pangs of hell to be finished. Like His fathers before Him, Jesus trusts His God to deliver Him, to bring Him home to Paradise.

What can you do when you are at your wit’s end? When everything looks as though God has abandoned and forsaken you? Remember Jesus Christ. Trust that His sacrifice was sufficient, perfectly satisfying God’s wrath at your sins, and winning His full and free forgiveness. Put your trust in your Father’s love and mercy, knowing He will never let you down.

THE PRAYER: Lord Jesus Christ, give me firm confidence in Your care and protection, and Your deliverance from all my troubles. Amen.


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