LHM Lenten Devotion – March 16, 2014 “Yet You Are Holy”

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By Reverend Wayne Palmer

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“Yet You Are Holy”

March 16, 2014

Lenten devo cover 2014Read Psalm 80.
TEXT: Yet You are holy, enthroned on the praises of Israel (Psalm 22:3).

Jesus is suffering greatly from the people around Him: the mocking and jeers of the crowds, one of the criminals, the Jewish religious leaders, and the taunting of the Roman soldiers. In His place, we would likely lash out at them, but not just at them. After all, the greatest pain He suffers is from His own Father, who has laid on Him the sins of the world, and unleashed His fiery wrath on Jesus. But Jesus pleads for their forgiveness, and turning to His Father, He confesses, “Yet You are holy.”

There is nothing just and right about Jesus’ sufferings. During His entire earthly life He has been perfect in thought, word and deed. He has loved God with all His heart, soul, mind and strength. He has loved His neighbor as Himself. Each of us deserves this punishment for we have failed miserably.

But innocent and pure, Jesus lies under the crushing burden of our sins and God’s wrath. Yet Jesus finds no fault in His Father for this. God is holy, completely right and true in all He does, without a hint of wrong or sin. That is the reason God is King over Israel, and rightly receives their praises.

We too go through times of great trial and struggle in life. But even on our darkest days God is pure, loving and holy. He is not the cause of our suffering, nor does He delight in seeing us suffer. Though the world may weigh us down with suffering and distress, God can use these circumstances to draw us closer to Him, so we may cling to Him alone through faith.

THE PRAYER: Lord Jesus Christ, give me faith to see the holiness of my God and give Him praises, no matter how badly I may suffer. Amen.


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