LHM Lenten Devotion – April 13, 2014 “Praise Our Conquering King”


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By Reverend Wayne Palmer

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“Praise Our Conquering King”

April 13, 2014

Lenten devo cover 2014Read Matthew 21:1-11TEXT: You who fear the Lord, praise Him! All you offspring of Jacob, glorify Him, and stand in awe of Him, all you offspring of Israel! (Psalm 22:23).

On this first day of Holy Week we recall the multitude of Jews welcoming Jesus into Jerusalem. This week it is fitting to consider Jesus Christ the mighty Victor, coming to battle and soundly defeat sin, Satan, death and hell through His horrific suffering described so vividly in the first part of Psalm 22. Today’s verse describes four things we are to do as we gather to receive our conquering King: “fear the Lord,” “praise Him,” “glorify Him,” and “stand in awe of Him.”

“Fear God.” Through Jesus’ sufferings on the cross, we learn the severity of God’s wrath at our sins. True fear of God includes taking that wrath seriously and confessing that we rightly deserve to fall under His wrath.

“Praise Him.” We praise our Lord Jesus for His willingness to go to the cross, to drink the full cup of God’s wrath in our place, and to win our salvation by His suffering and death.

“Glorify Him.” We glorify Him by telling others what He has done, and by letting Him transform our thinking, our attitudes, and our goals for this life, so we walk in His holy ways.

“Stand in Awe of Him.” Jesus deserves our awe and wonder because He took on our enemies all by Himself, and won complete forgiveness and salvation for each of us.

In the context of this part of Psalm 22, Jesus takes all our praise and directs it to His Father, who delivered Him from the power of Satan on the cross, and from the grip of the tomb on Easter morning.

THE PRAYER: Lord Jesus Christ, thank You for coming as our great Victor to conquer sin and death for us and to open wide our heavenly home. Amen.

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