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ABC Connect – Keeping the District Connected


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ABC Connect
Keeping the District Connected

Week of August 29, 2016

Please feel free to use any of this information in bulletins, newsletters, calendars, or announcements.
From the District President
The following thoughts come from a sermon I prepared on Luke 14:7-14.

Jesus challenges us to live every day of our lives, his way.  What way is that? “For all those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.”  (Verse 11) Jesus’ way would not render him a very good businessman by our worldly standards.  Jesus never showed material success for his efforts.  In fact, his shirt was ripped right off his back and sold under his nose as he hung dying on the cross — a seemingly incompetent ending for a man who claimed to be the Son of God!   Jesus did not do himself any favours.  He did favours for others.  He healed the lepers, opened the eyes of the blind, and gave food to the hungry.  He gave his life into death so that all people who trust in him might have the favour of God.  Jesus gave up his life and saved us from this evil world, not on the condition, “You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours!”                                 No, St. Paul says, “Even while we were still sinners, Christ died for the ungodly — for you and me.”

In the sermon text Jesus is saying, “A God-pleasing and fulfilling life comes in giving yourself to God and to others.”  This God-pleasing and fulfilling life is experienced as we humble ourselves before God each day and confess that we have caved into the challenges of the world and selfishly cared for ourselves.  This means that we come to the realisation that we are the spiritually poor, lame, and blind whom Jesus died for on the cross of Calvary.  We have received God’s undeserved, cross-won riches only because Jesus was willing to be our humble servant — only because he was willing to do something for us, expecting nothing in return.  Our God-pleasing and fulfilling life happens today as we humble ourselves in confession and receive absolution; as we kneel before the Lord and receive his Body and Blood shed for us as we partake of the Lord’s Supper; as we pray, “Not my will be done but yours be done.”

This God-pleasing and fulfilling life is experienced as we, empowered by the love of Jesus Christ, respond to the needs of people — when we do a favour for someone else expecting nothing in return.  When we love and serve our spouse, children, and parents as the Lord has served us.  When we put something into the community instead of looking for handouts.  When we respond to the needs of people — to the ignored, the ridiculed, the despised — those who can never repay us in kind.   …

In the Gospel lesson Jesus says, “When you give a banquet, invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, the blind, and you will be blessed . . . you will be repaid at the resurrection of the righteous.”  In order to do what Jesus says he challenges us to abandon the ways of the world — to no longer live for self but for others; to no longer scratch other peoples backs just so that we are scratched in turn.  He challenges us to live a life of self-sacrifice                                — a life where we serve others even as he served us and gave his life for us.

A gym teacher always wore a cross on a chain around her neck since she believed that Jesus died on the cross for her.  When she put on her gym clothes, she tucked the cross into her T-shirt so that it wouldn’t bounce around.  One day in a class of smaller children, the cross bounced out of the T-shirt without her knowing it.  A girl in the class, however, saw the cross and coming up to her, tugged at her shorts.  “Yes?” the teacher inquired, looking down at the girl.  “Teacher,” the young girl said.  “Your religion is showing.”

Is your religion showing?  Do you believe what God has revealed in the Bible?  Are His values your values?  Do you live according to those godly beliefs and values or do you live more according to the beliefs and values of the world?  Jesus is challenging us to let our faith show every day — at work, at school, at home, at play, wherever we are!  On our                                own we could never answer that challenge but the Spirit of our Lord empowers us through his Word and Sacraments to answer his challen

Rev. Dr. Glenn E. Schaeffer
District President, ABC District
1 Timothy 6:12

Prayer Requests

(If you would like us to include a prayer, please contact
  • Pray for Denise Hellwege, wife of Rev. Dr. John Hellwege, her mother and Denise’ sister Janet, and the rest of the family as they mourn the sudden death of Denise’s father, Clarence Graeler, who the Lord called to the Church Triumphant.
  • Pray for President Schaeffer and his family, especially his brother, Bill and sons, Jeff and Mark, as they mourn the death of Bill’s wife, Fern, who succumbed to cancer but who now enjoys the eternal bliss of living in the presence of Jesus.
  • Pray for Marj Temple, former editor of the ABC District News, and her family as they mourn the death of her husband Ernie.
  • Pray a prayer of thanksgiving for Pastor Astley’s service to the ABC District as the Interim Pastoral Leader. His service in this capacity concludes on August 31.
  • Pray for District President Glenn Schaeffer as he assumes full ecclesiastical responsibility beginning September 1.
  • Pray for all students and teachers who are beginning another year of academics.

News and Announcements

Interim Pastoral Leader Schedule and Update

Rev. Nolan Astley, Interim Pastoral Leader will be in the ABC District August 29 – 31, 2016.   Pastor Astley will conclude his work as Interim Pastoral Leader on September 1, 2016. Read more about this in the on-line edition of the Canadian Lutheran.

The Rock Celebrates 20th Anniversary

The Rock Lutheran Inner City Society is having its 20th anniversary! At 6:30 PM on Saturday September 17th, 2016 The Rock is celebrating. We are looking to reconnect with all of our volunteers and board members. We will be hosting a barbecue starting at 6:30 pm. Please spread the word. If you were a volunteer or know of anyone who was a volunteer please RSVP to current director or call the office at 780.426.1122.

Concordia Lutheran Mission Society (CLMS) 
Seeks Nominations for Board of Directors

CLMS is currently seeking nominations to fill three vacancies on its Board.“Who do you know with a heart for missions?” the call for nominations reads. “A wonderful opportunity is available to help share the Good News around the globe by serving on the board of CLMS.”

“If you know a fellow member of Lutheran Church–Canada who has a heart for missions, CLMS encourages you to nominate them to work on the board,” the call continues. “In particular we are looking for people with social media, technical and communication skills to work in areas of development and donor management. Ability to work with computer-based programs is essential.”

CLMS notes that you do not have to ask nominees for their consent, nor whether they are currently members of CLMS, before making a nomination. Nominees should be recognized as “being mission-minded and having the ability to serve.” The Nominating Committee will make contact with each nominee to determine his or her gifts and willingness to serve. CLMS also notes that it is appropriate to nominate yourself or someone who has been previously nominated.

Nominations should be received by October 10, 2016. With your submission please include the nominee’s name, address, phone number, and email address (if available), along with a brief overview of why the nominee would be a strong addition to the CLMS’ Board.

CLMS is an Auxiliary of Lutheran Church–Canada. The organization is run completely by volunteers, and supports mission projects in Asia, Central America, Ukraine, and Canada. The nine-member Board oversees all the work of CLMS. For more information on CLMS, visit their website at Also for more information on Serving contact Reg Zotzman 604 726-5520.

Nominations should be emailed to CLMS Vic-President Reg Zotzman @  or by mail to: 727 Bowler Street, New Westminster, BC, V3M 4V6

All Church Worker Registration Closes Today! 
Registration for the All Church Worker Conference closes tomorrow!  If you haven’t registered, please do so as soon as possible.  For further information, please see the emails sent to you or contact Janice Ruf in the District office at 780-474-0063
School Bus for Sale

Grace Lutheran Church in Osoyoos has a full sized school bus for sale. If any congregation or school is interested, and would like to know more, please call250-495-2727 or email:

CEF / DIL Update
Visit Deloitte Restructuring for all CEF and DIL updates.
Calls and Installations

Visit for information on the most recent calls and installations.

Church Anniversaries
(Please send your church anniversary announcements to

Peace Lutheran Church, Spruce Grove, AB – October 2, 2016

Peace Evangelical Lutheran Church of Spruce Grove invites you to rejoice with them as they celebrate their 100th Anniversary, Oct. 2, 2016.

Celebration Worship Service at Peace Evangelical Lutheran Church, 303 Church Road 2:30pm and Dinner and program at the Elks Social Hall 400 Diamond Ave. at 6:00pm.  For dinner tickets please call Kaeli at 780-960-8312.

Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church, Surrey, BC – October 16, 2016

The congregation of Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church, Surrey, B. C. (7086 – 124th Street, Surrey, B.C.  V3W 3W8) invites all former members and friends to an                               afternoon of Praise, Worship and Fellowship in celebration of 60 years of service to our Lord.  Celebration Service at 3:00 p.m., October 16, 2016, to be followed by a light supper.  LCC President Rev. Robert Bugbee, guest preacher.

Please contact the Anniversary Committee for any additional information / correspondence:
Telephone:  604-594-4033, Fax:  604-594-40710

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Resource of the Week
Grief: Where Sadness and Hope Meet
(A PDF version. It’s also available as a booklet.)

The grief we experience over profound loss in this world, particularly the death of a loved one, is an emotional journey different for each of us. There are no hard and fast rules for                                getting through such an ordeal; as individuals we ride it out to the best of our ability. While some are emotional “basket cases,” erupting in tears for long periods of time, others face this trauma with a type of stoicism or hard-edged exterior. Regardless of the person’s reaction, however, God is there in the middle of it, ever available to comfort and bring us through our suffering and tears. And that’s the point of this booklet: our grief, while it can be intense and debilitating, is not a thing that can’t be managed and, eventually, overcome. That is, of course, where God comes in. Though life has dealt us a terrible blow, we know His grace is sufficient, healing even the heartache of our loved one’s absence in this world.

Download this PDF

Prepare for the Sunday Divine Service


(4 September 2016)
Deuteronomy 30:15–20
Philemon 1–21
Luke 14:25–35

Christ Jesus Has Paid the Cost of Discipleship for You

A disciple of Jesus Christ will “bear his own cross” (Luke 14:27) and follow the Lord through death into life. Discipleship is costly because it crucifies the old man with “all that he has” (Luke 14:33), in order to raise up the new man in Christ. The disciple disavows “his own father and mother and wife and children and brothers and sisters, yes, and even his own life” (Luke 14:26), in deference to Christ. That way of the cross is impossible, except that Christ Jesus has already paid the cost. His cross is set before you as “life and good, death and evil” (Deut. 30:15). Taking up His cross is to “choose life, that you and your offspring may live, loving the Lord your God, obeying his voice and holding fast to him” (Deut. 30:19–20). To live that life in Christ is also to bear His cross in love, “that your goodness might not be by compulsion but of your own accord” (Philemon 14).

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