Posted by: lolpres | December 5, 2015

News from the ABC Connect: Update

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Dec. 04, 2015
Please note the following clarification

From The District President

Earlier this week the ABC Connect included an article that outlined a healing and reconciliation plan that Rev. Nolan Astley and I are developing for the people of District. I’d like to elaborate on the process.

In September, Pastor Astley and I met with the ABC District circuit counselors and the new Board of Directors. We discussed the need for confession, reconciliation, and healing in our District. The circuit counselors were asked to hold discussions at their respective circuit meetings, and then share the ideas generated during those discussions.

At the same time, Rev. Astley and I contacted Mr. Ted Kober, founder of Ambassadors of Reconciliation in the United States. He has extensive experience working with conflicted congregations, church organizations, and church bodies. Mr. Kober has also published articles, Bible studies, devotions, and two books: “Confession & Forgiveness” (CPH, 2002) and “Cultivating Lifestyles of Reconciliation” (co-authored with Ken Sande; AoR, 2009).

Pastor Astley, the ABC District Vice Presidents, and I are meeting with Mr. Kober on December 10th to help develop a “reconciliation plan,” drawing upon his expertise and the feedback we have received from the circuits.  In the coming months, we hope to share this plan with you and to implement it across our District.

We ask for your prayers as we meet with Mr. Kober.

Rev. Dr. Glenn Schaeffer
District President, ABC District
1 Timothy 6:12





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