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LHM Daily Devotion – November 30, 2015 “Moments Worth Celebrating”

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Moments Worth Celebrating”
By Rev. Wayne Palmer 
November 30, 2015

Read Luke 1:8-10.. TEXT: … he (Zechariah) was chosen by lot to enter the temple of the Lord and burn incense (Luke 1:9b). 

Advent devos 2015Life holds out many high honors for which we can strive. Students work hard to be part of the National Honor Society or class valedictorian. Athletes work hard to win championships and be named the most valuable player. But sometimes the honor of a lifetime simply falls upon us at some unanticipated moment.

For Zechariah the priest, there is no higher honor than being chosen to burn
incense in the temple of the Lord. It is the honor of a lifetime. While the people of God remain outside, praying in the temple courts, Zechariah will pass through the temple doors alone. Once inside, he will burn incense on the altar of incense that stands before the ornate temple curtain.

Even though God had withheld the honor and joy of children from Zechariah, He richly blesses the priest with this joyous experience.

Perhaps this last day of November finds you waiting for your life’s dreams to come true. While that may be the case, be sure to appreciate the other things God sets before you today: the joy of family and friends, the beautiful decorations of this season, a joyous party.

The same is true of this coming Christmas. It may seem diminished in your eyes because you’ll be away from home for the first time or your home or table will be empty, or you’ll be separated from friends or loved ones. But don’t fail to see the amazing and wonderful things God is doing each day.

THE PRAYER: Holy Father, thank You for providing all of my needs of body and spirit. Teach me to rejoice and give thanks for every joy in life–even those that don’t seem as great as the ones I might be anticipating. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.


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