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LHM Daily Devotion – November 29, 2015 “Something’s Missing”

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Important Note: Beginning with this devotion (November 29 — the first Sunday in Advent) and throughout the Advent season, the content for LHM’s Daily Devotions will be provided from Rev. Wayne Palmer’s Advent devotion series, “Fear Not!” All Daily Devotions subscribers, as well as those who are signed up for both Daily Devotions and Seasonal Devotions, will receive a single devotion each day written by Rev. Palmer. The Daily Devotions written by Rev. Ken Klaus will resume after Advent.

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Something’s Missing”
By Rev. Wayne Palmer 
First Sunday in Advent: November 29, 2015

Read Luke 1:5-7. TEXT: …There was a priest named Zechariah … And he had a wife … and her name was Elizabeth (Luke 1:5b).

Advent devos 2015As we begin the transition from Thanksgiving to Christmas, we meet an old Jewish couple named Zechariah and Elizabeth. Like us, they have much to be thankful for in their lives. God has given them a strong faith in His coming Savior, and they have a good reputation in their town.

But, like all of us, their thanksgiving is neither perfect nor complete. One thing has eluded them, one thing that keeps their thankfulness from being complete. God has not given them a child. They celebrate the holidays together, but they have no earthly future, no heritage, no one to whom they can pass on their holiday traditions.

What do you do when you’ve lived your life as well as you can, sought to honor God, and yet find He has withheld something good and beneficial from you–a spouse, a child, a job, a house, etc.? It gets pretty hard to not feel there’s something wrong in your relationship with God. Either He’s punishing you for something you don’t remember or understand, or maybe He isn’t quite as loving as you were always told He is.

Maybe you’ve exited the Thanksgiving season into the Christmas season with a big hole in your life. Like Zechariah and Elizabeth, we turn to God and wait for His will and time. There’s often nothing else we can do.

THE PRAYER: Heavenly Father, Your Word promises that You are good, loving and kind to all Your children. Yet there is an empty spot in my life. Grant me the faith and courage to trust in Your goodness and love, and give me the patience to wait for the good that You intend to bring from this disappointment. I pray in Jesus’ Name. Amen.


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