Session 3: 1300 to 1730

The session opened with Hymn and Prayer, followed by an emotional Presidents Report by Rev. Schiemann. He acknowledged the fact that there were people hurting because of what happened with CEF/DIL and he apologized to the convention.

CLWR, made and mentioned that there are approximately 50 million refuges in the world and that 48% are living in third-world countries.

Results for Board of Directors are as follows:

  • Clergy- Rev. Bode and Rev. Henning
  • Deacon-Deacon Winstanley
  • Lay-Mr. Ball, Mrs. Burns, Mrs. Khun, Mr.Stienke. An additional ballot is required to fill the fifth position.

Several Resolutions were passed including “TO OFFER TO GIVE THE LUTHERAN HISTORICAL INSTITUTE TO LUTHERAN CHURCH-CANADA”, this move was approved by the monitor and CRO before the vote. This keeps the church records and artifacts within LCC.

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