Session 2: 0800 to 1200

Liturgist: Dr. Dressler, Praying Pilgrims

Elections for District President: First ballot. No clear majority, Rev. Rodeman dropped from ballot. Second Ballot, still without a clear majority (75), Rev Lobitz has been dropped from the next ballot.  On the four and final ballot. Rev. G. Schaeffer was elected by a two vote margin.

A presentation was made regarding CEF and DIL. It is urged that anyone with any deposits with CEF/DIL to go to the Deloitte website, A fairly long Q&A period was allowed for questions concerning CEF/DIL. It was also brought up about a conflict of interest with Directors sitting on more than one board.

Office of 1st V.P. was filled on the first ballot by Rev. Kubke.

The report of the District President has been put over until 1300

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